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WRD 422: Post 1


It smells clean—not in the manner of an antiseptic or toothpaste, but as something crisp and fresh. That’s the avocado. The green paste brings vibrance to the bread, which shuns all color, with even the crust cut off. A simplicity in the even triangularity of the shape belies the bread’s previous form. There is no spice to the chicken, bound together by mayonnaise so that the contents entire form a conglomerate. The texture, overall, is similar to a chicken salad sandwich—homey, comforting. It’s the kind of meal you would associate with a lazy Saturday afternoon.

In my case, eating the ave palta was a reprieve after the frantic worry of the previous night, as I struggled to prepare the dish for Spanish Club the following day. The avocados I’d purchased from the grocery store were somewhat less than ripe, and had the glorious effect on my blender of stopping the blades in their tracks (this after having both removed the pit and chopped the fruit into multiple pieces, albeit large ones, which I’d hoped the blender would rectify). I’d chosen to bring the dish due to its apparent simplicity, which I denounced as lies and propaganda as the night went on. However, once the deed was done and the sandwiches composed, I found the end result to be quite delicious—a sentiment shared, luckily, by the rest of the club.

6 thoughts on “WRD 422: Post 1

  1. I like the description. Get the camera close to that avocado. Describe more about that. What’s the name come from? Describe the textures, colors.

    Probably avocado is the best thing ever. You should also note the different kinds of avocados available, that might be something to explore, also different ways avocados are used in foods. There are some really great avocado salsas that are super spicy, but not so easy to find in Kentucky.


    1. I’ve only ever seen it with the bread, although the bread comes in more forms than the one I described. I’ve seen pictures of it toasted, on buns, etc. You could definitely try it breadless!

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  2. I think finding Chilean food in Kentucky, and maybe the South would be something hard to do. I could be wrong. That could be something to connect to some research about Mexican food. There are a diversity of Latin American foods, but they sometimes get reduced to Mexican food only.


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