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WRD 422: Post 2

I would like to visit Coba Cocina and El Rancho Tapatio.

I imagine the former will not be possible in my lifetime, for several reasons: (1) it has a fancy website, complete with high-definition images of steaks that undergo 3D transitions; (2) I saw it from the road once and it looked like the modern architecture fairy blessed an aquarium; (3) I hear it actually has an aquarium inside; (4) I couldn’t figure out whether the numbers on their menu were prices or fanciness levels. In my experience, 1+2+3+4 = they could probably charge me twenty dollars for atmosphere and I would feel obligated to pay it. Of course, this is no reflection on the food, because it may very well be worth it; I just hope I get to try it someday to test the theory. (Side note: if you buy, I’ll eat.)

I would like to try out El Rancho Tapatio because their website boasts authentic Guadalajaran cuisine, and noting a specific region of Mexico lends more credibility to their claim than merely stating the word “authentic,” as many restaurants do (nothing against those retaurants if they actually do serve authentic food, of course). This WRD class has so far interested me in menudo and tortas, both of which appear on their menu, and neither of which I have found on the other websites I have explored tonight. I also approve of their marketing, as they list available coupons on their website, which is always appreciated by a college student.

2 thoughts on “WRD 422: Post 2

  1. Those are solid choices. Coba Cocina I’ve never been too, but I do know that Tapatio sometimes has mariachi music. Actually, I haven’t been there for a while either, but it was pretty good–and close to campus. They used to have a connected grocery store and bakery to the restaurant, but I’m not sure if it is still there.

    If you go to Tapatio, however, there is also a large Latin grocery store across the street Super Mercado Aguascalientes that sells lots of grocery items, and candles stuff like that. Cool to check out.


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