6 thoughts on “WRD 422: Post 3

  1. Nice job with these. What’s on the side with the steak?

    Also, Huasteca is also a style of music that in some ways sounds like Bluegrass music. Check it out on YouTube and let me know if you agree. It’s pretty cool sounding and very distinct.

    What do you think about that menu cover?


    1. I like the music! It does sound very distinct.
      I thought the menu cover was well designed, being eye-catching with multifarious colorful images, which nonetheless stuck to a theme of complementary hues. I thought it was interesting that the jalapeño on the cover was green with a red sombrero, while the one on the building (of which you can barely see a portion of the hat on the left) was red with white. I imagine they did that so that there would be a greater contrast with the reds in the menu cover.

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      1. Cool details. Also, it’s okay not to be complimentary. What are some of the negative things you noticed, maybe things you might find ironic. For example, the sombrero ritual is what folks might describe as kitsch, or even this kind of Mexican restaurant aesthetic. I think when we try out a couple others, you’ll have some contrasts to work with. I like the details with the colors, that’s a good one!


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