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WRD 422: Post 4

Location Study: Jalapeños, restaurant, Lexington, KY.

The building is a plain brick structure located within a commercial center, though the wall beneath the entrance’s awning is vibrantly painted. It is demarcated by a telltale neon sign with an offset, sombrero-sporting jalapeño caricature.

The inside is dimly lit by overhead lights, similar to a steakhouse. The seating is separated into booths and tables, all of which are painted in bright hues. The seat of each chair and booth lacks cushioning. The chairs are intricately carved and feature small painted adornments, most of which are floral. The walls are lined with numerous and sundry ornaments.

The food I consume is Huasteca: skirt steak, cheese, beans, and guacamole, served with flour or corn tortillas. I go with flour this time. Everything on the plate is comfortably warm, the plate itself hot to the touch when it is brought to the table. The steak is predicably tough, as all skirt steak it, yet it is flavorful. The cheese requires two hands to separate, as it is thick and stringy. The beans are served in a bowl that could be mistaken for containing soup; thus, even my last bites of the beans are not dry. I quickly run out of guacamole, as I am a fan of avocado and pile it too high on my first tortilla. I come away from the meal with a box of leftovers. I ate approximately three-quarters of the meal before I became full.

One thought on “WRD 422: Post 4

  1. Cool description here. Like with the 308 stuff, you’re the camera, so your words make the images, you’re the director. The details you direct us to could make this place either seem . . . well however you want.

    The outside description is cool, camera following inside. Dialogue also please!

    This Huasteca stuff has me wondering about how common this is. I’m not sure if I’ve had this or not. I think the soup might be what makes this different from carne asada?


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