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WRD 308: Post 17

Meme 2


One episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog, “The Magic Tree of Nowhere,” featured a tree that would grant any wish. At one point, the tree told Courage, “Do not be afraid. I have the cure you seek,” when Muriel (the woman who adopted Courage) became sick due to her husband’s inadvertent ill-spoken wish. The tree was portrayed as a benevolent figure, sacrificing its own life to reverse Muriel’s sickness.

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has made many bold statements about relieving the financial burden on students—something that most students would consider miraculous. It almost seems as though it would take some magical benefactor to accomplish such a feat; thus, portraying Sanders as a wish-granting tree seems appropriate.

One thought on “WRD 308: Post 17

  1. I’m hoping you practice sending this meme out through your social media, it’s cool.

    I like how you played with photoshop to create these. One place to experiment with sending out memes and finding new ones is through reddit. Or Instagram, or Twitter, or . . . well you get the idea.


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