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WRD 308: Post 18

Meme 3


An episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog, entitled “King Ramses’ Curse,” involves an ancient stone slab. Whoever comes into contact with said slab sees ghostly vision of King Ramses, who commands, “Return the slab, or suffer my curse.” Widely regarded as one of the scariest antagonists of the series, and the source of many a child’s nightmares, the computer-generated Ramses stands in stark contrast to the traditional style of animation used elsewhere in the show.

For this meme, I once again address Donald Trump’s stance on immigration, particularly referring to his assertion that all undocumented Mexican immigrants should be deported, forcibly if necessary. Once more, this meme has a double meaning to it; the “curse” spoken of stands as a threat to those who do not heed his words, but it also refers to the curse of Trump’s presidency, should he be elected. Under his executive order, anyone who did not agree with Trump’s ideologies might very well view his presidency as a curse.

One thought on “WRD 308: Post 18

  1. Here you might think about how hegemony comes back into play, a sense of nationalism, but perhaps one based on “colonial” ideas of the cultured and “the other.” Actually, though, this kind of colonization happens within the nation, and it is more complicated than I write here, but it moves in a direction to think about the same power dynamics within one state, rather than in a global context.


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