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WRD 402: Post 29

slowly creeping
fingers at the keys I jump back when the wolf growls
hands shoot fire breath quickens
the boyfriend whose lap I stole
rubs his jaw
my elbow throbs
a sheepish sorry

Potency of Unintentional Horror
limited agency, inherent strangeness, flawed logic
psychological dissonance

I flee the horrific and embrace it
never to play, ever to experience
despite and because of those non-horror
the wolf growling
the shadows hiding

Outlast and Amnesia
carefully crafted, such love
never touched by my hands, but by my eyes
held dear to my mind
Skyrim and Pokémon and Minecraft
my worlds
holding fear in the unknown
in the contemplation
in the shadows where monsters lie
in the questions never answered

agency, efficacy, control
need not be stolen
when they hardly exist at all
when you fear your own incompetence
when anything in the dark could spell your doom
not because it is powerful
but because you think yourself weak

uncanny and unfamiliar and unsettling
the worlds in timeless hours spent
amid the light and fire
against the dark
the places where I feel most safe
have lurkers even so


This poem is largely of my own work, but incorporates “found” elements from and was inspired by the journal article “Animal Crossing: New Leaf and the Diversity of Horror in Video Games.”

One thought on “WRD 402: Post 29

  1. Hmm, I’m thinking you should check out Plato’s Allegory of the Cave if you haven’t read that one. You should be able to find it easily online. You might have something to work with here in terms of the “shadows on the wall”. Cool stuff. I can see this possibly being another part of that video game series you have going on in prose and verse now. If you see any calls for writing about gaming/gamers, you should keep these ready.


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