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WRD 402: Post 31

The Results are In: U.S. Presidential Election 2016

silence never cut deeper
nor the skin tore so slowly
a thin veneer of white
pale as death
like shed skin over yet living tissue
the blood pumping
pounding in the ears
because the heart remains in shock
what a world
what a life
what wonders created in the bleak hands of terror
the claws curled inward yet reaching
grasping but furled
attacking all while holding in
the breath of those
who suffer now
and on
and on
and on

deadness in the stomach
like a pit of void
the need to fidget, to do something
to do anything except
and wonder
and wish that i lived in a swing state
so that i could have made a difference

i watched the states turn
like sportsball players
i yelled at ohio when it dropped the ball
‘so far off the planet that its astronauts waved’
ohio tried to kill me both times i was in the state
seems fitting
i thought that the joke
about ohio being so terrible
that so many people went to space to get away
was funny
now i realize
i would leave too

kentucky was doomed to be red
i never expected more of it
but wisconsin was a stab of betrayal
new hampshire kept me in fits
pennsylvania was the final straw

it had seemed so blue for so long
the dirty judas
pieces of silver
to erect a phallus of pyrite
language, now
dont want to offend
because in this new world
opinions are like fingers
if someone decides you have too many
they just need to cut you down
slice by slice
until youre submissive like you should be

i speak as a woman in a world
where locker room talk just got elected
and i am afraid
not for myself

not for myself


but i feel a great weight
and i wonder
if inishturk would be there for me
once my last semester
one more semester
is done

i wish i were angry
but i never thought
in my wildest dreams
that my faith could be so overturned
i built up no reserves
i have no passions to draw from
my anger is an empty well
encasing a spite suicide
in a talk-story not mine to tell

a line echoes
in new york you can be a new man
and isnt that hope
isnt that the thing
the immigrant who changed america
who betrays him now
like pennsylvania

andrew jackson
fueled by rage and cocaine
(one of these may be wrong)
a joke among my friend and me
how often did i joke
about small hands
and empty speech
the man fought duels for fun
the man fights safety
the world for america
but what about the world
when america is no longer in it
when you have closed us off
with walls and hate
when you have fueled the fire
your horns do grow high

im cold

2 thoughts on “WRD 402: Post 31

  1. I hear, I hear. Been slow to comment on blogs this round because I’m still taking it in. Not going there just yet, but for this poem, send it to this spot: I think you’ll get in.

    Also, check out the stuff it asks you to provide, including a photo and a bio. For that, you can adapt stuff from your cover letter. Also, please mention my name in the cover letter as being your professor at UK. I kind of know these dudes, and I think they should put this one up.

    p.s. 10/10 with the blogs this round!


  2. This is great, friend. I’m seeing some serious range here. And I say, well, as usual, keep going. Also look back over this site, really, just kind of go back through your old stuff, just scanning the pages and posts without reading them. Look at all that writing! That’s what it is.

    *Also, I’m going to encourage you to try on some new themes, practice some of that visual rhetoric stuff.


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