Kristi M. R. Street

University of Kentucky student

Senior, Class of 2017, Bachelor of Science

Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies major

Fan of morbidity and tearjerkers

Desirous of some direction in her life

Will try almost anything once

Often regrets it

Really likes puns

She/her pronouns


kmst243 on Instagram

These words make poe-tree

This website is a collection of assignments completed for three WRD (Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies) courses at the University of Kentucky. WRD 422 is Taco Literacy: Public Advocacy and Mexican Food in the U.S. South; WRD 308 is Visual Rhetoric; and WRD 402 is Autobiographical Composition: Selfies. This website contains analyses of various texts; presentations of my own arguments; and insights into food, art, and culture. Beware: the pun in this About section is not nearly the most groan-worthy on this site—the Ceviche paper is particularly dangerous.


This is where it gets serious.

Simply put, I am a writer with an ulterior motive. My writing style blends technical accuracy with narrative rhythm, embracing the form of language in addition to its content. The modern reader doesn’t want to pore over a grammar manual, nor do they want to feel as though their intelligence is being insulted; however, readers readily absorb the fundaments of language through natural osmosis. Thus, I craft engaging works utilizing tools that sometimes go unnoticed—for example, em dashes—while writing introspective poetry or rhetorical analyses of the everyday. I bring the reader in with the content they desire, then frame it in a manner they respect. Readers are thoughtful, rational people, and should be treated as such.

My content is influenced by my identity. As a demisexual, genderflux woman who was raised in a rural community, in a working-class household, with a vested interest in technology and society, I extol the merits of representation and progress. As we grow in global connectivity, we are coming to truly embrace the concept that experiences should not alienate, but incorporate. I write about emotions shared by all people, and ideas shared by a few who want to change the world. Fear and sadness color many of my pieces, while others exhibit exultations about the differences of human experience. As my own well of experience grows, so too does my writing.

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