Taco Literacy: Final Thoughts

After having written so much for this class, I now find myself at a loss for words. Luckily, back in February, I made a post that encompasses some of my reactions quite vividly, so I’m going to steal from it now.

“I’m getting 400-level course credit for a class that I not only enjoy, but a class that has introduced me to multifarious methods of thinking about and approaching cultures different from mine, and it’s only February. And I got free tamales in class today. The course is both challenging and fun—a combination unfortunately rarely seen today. Challenging professors can be fun; challenging subjects can be fun; but the classes themselves? Rare indeed. . . . [This class is something] I enjoy and learn practical information from, something that makes me more worldly and reduces unintentional internalized bias . . .”

I have to say that this class was everything I’d hoped for on the day I registered for it—and more. And what I learned will stay with me, not only in retained information, but in the places I’ve visited, the food I’ve eaten, the people I’ve met. Because of this class, I’ve taken my friends to the best Mexican food places in Lexington (and for that I have major props), but more than that, this class did something nothing short of amazing: it gave me a whole new perspective on this town where I spend three-fourths of my year, as well as the world beyond it.

So forgive me for being brief, because I simply do not have the words.